PUNCAK 商业高峰,再创高峰?!豪派RM1.00特别股息!

原本以为PUNCAK应该不会来得这么快,所以在ABRIC和 PUNCAK之间,选择了ABRIC,把重金都押了下去。而PUNCAK虽然也在低价时买进了一些,但还时有差。哎哟喂,错过了很多咯。见下图:

20141231 图 - PUNCAK Transx

随着 EGM的日子越来越逼近,PUNCAK的股价也慢慢地爬升了,在短期内升了不少哦。如果您还不知道PUNCAK的EGM日期,就看看下图咯:

20141231 图 - EGM Announcement


20141231 图 - PUNCAK Chart

上周五股价已经突破了20d Moving Average,且看看能否更近一步突破50d Moving Average这道阻力线。恰逢靠近50d Moving Average处也有另外一道阻力线,刚好在RM3.05这个价格。看来股价要突破RM3.05这道障碍,确实需要一些推动力。



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18 Responses to “PUNCAK,不错哟!”

  1. Dongdong says:


  2. Cheong says:

    2.6xrm entered,now still made some profit,not bad,TQ.

  3. cheong says:

    Today already touched the resistance at 3.05rm,hope can break through soon.

  4. Cheong says:

    See the result from the EGM ?

  5. Cheong says:

    Early this morning already break the 1st resistance to 3.11,good….

  6. DongDong says:


  7. Tang says:

    Dear Tan,
    I all in Puncak already. But after EGM , price drop. Any suggestion or comment for me to refer?


    • 小陈 says:

      Hi Tang,
      Wao, all-in? Then trade according to your trading plan. I believe sure you have a plan or strategy in mind before all-in.

  8. Tom Tee says:

    I am interesting to know more what is the remaning asset/share after minus the water property. From the latest quarter report, there is a huge receivable over 2000m whuch is in the court case against Selangor government to claim back the water fee. Included this receivable, the NTA on stand over RM 4.00. I am not sure whether how firm is this receivable is claimed back. And on hand cash is 677m. StranGE that today puncak price did not do a huge up….

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi, you may just forget/ignore about that receivable. If really can claim back, then is a bonus.
      We are focusing on its disposal on water business. You can read its circular to shareholders about the potential proceed/cash to be received upon successful of disposal.

      No surprise the share price didnt shoot up, because this is STOCK MARKET, a place that full of uncertainties, unpredictable, but then quite a fun park.

      • Tom Tee says:

        1555m will get on dispose both the water property and 534m (RM1.00) will return to shareholder. Share price 2.83 – 1.00 = 1.83. Cash on hand 677m = 1.60. Rm1.83 – 1.60 = 0.23. Is this mean we only use RM 0.23 to buy puncak (included puncak liability and other property)??? Need further to dig out the total liabilities and asset on hand other than water property…..

  9. Tang says:

    Dear Tan ,
    Thanks for your reply. I just want to know whether is to cut loss or wait for the settlement done which shall be on 16/1/2015.