呵~ 呵~ 呵~ Merry Xmas圣诞节快乐!依然持有JOBST的您,恭喜啦,今天获得圣诞老人的眷顾,获得现金礼物一份~怎样兑换呢?很容易,只需在市场上把您持有的JOBST股份卖了,就能获得咯!

今天JOBST怎么会突然大涨呢?暂时没有收到什么“风声”。唯一能解释的,就是可能因为今天有些股东已经获得24/12/2014 Payment Date所派发的特别股息,然后把那笔资金重新再投入JOBST里,因此股价被推高了,呵呵~ 其实小陈只是胡乱猜测,完全没有根据!且看看今晚闭市后,有没有任何关于JOBST的消息咯!


20141226 图 - JOBST Transx

原本以为至少需等待一年半载才会有所收获,万万没想到才播种几天的时间,它竟然开花又结果了,果实也确实长得特别大粒~ 真是棵神奇果树啊!

是时候见好就收,收割过年去咯~ 呵呵!


========== 《完》 ==========

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14 Responses to “JOBST派发圣诞节礼物咯,赞!”

  1. shine says:

    Hi, do you mind to tell me when you received the special dividend for Jobstreet? I have been waiting since 24 Dec and have yet received the dividend…. 🙁 Why does it take such a long period?

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi Shine, no worries, it is normal.
      I just received the money this morning.
      payment date on 24/12, but 25/12 is Xmas holiday. Then 27-28/12 are weekend.
      So everything still in good order.

      • shine says:

        Alright, thank for the info!

        • Shine says:

          hi CK, finally I received the special dividend! 🙂 I’m guessing if I’m correctly aim at the treasurd sword you mentioned earlier… Otherwise, I need to buy more tissues to sob… ;p

          • 小陈 says:

            Hi Shine, great.
            Which sword are u refering to? The one start with P?
            Hopefully you do not need to buy any tissue paper for that. Hehe.

          • Shine says:

            Ha… Yup, that’s the one I referring to, otherwise I need to buy substitute product ” tissue” to sob! Wish us all the luck in 2015!

          • 小陈 says:

            Haha, can’t believe still have people remember that sword. I did mention only once in one of my old blog post.

            But it won’t make you loss much money. Price more or less stuck there. Pending on confirmation annoucement.

            Worst case scenario you still can get back most of the capital.

          • 小陈 says:

            Hi Shine,

            What is your entry point? if below its cash value, should be pretty safe.

          • Shine says:

            Hi Ck, I just entered recently (as soon as I received the special dividend, the price is still stagnant…make a 1 sen paper gain now…

          • 小陈 says:

            Wrong timing I guess…

      • cck says:

        Hi, may I know do I need to sell my positions to get the dividend? I still don’t see the special dividend that you mention. I know that you have exited all your holdings today. I’m just afraid after I sell them and no dividend then I’ve loss almost all of it coz now it is in losing position.

        • 小陈 says:

          Hi CCK,

          When you bought this JOBST? At what price?

          If you bought it while it was at RM2.xx, you should had received your special dividend RM2.65 per share yesterday.

          As long as you hold until its Ex Date, you should be entitled to the special dividend, dun worry.

          • cck says:

            Hi Tan, I bought at RM2.7x from November 10.

            I think I need to give a call to my broker to find out. Hopefully I can get the “new year bonus” soon.

            Thx Tan.

          • 小陈 says:

            Oh, then you should be entitled for that. Perhaps you can check ur trading acct, or contact your dealer ya.