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4 Responses to “INSAS-PA & INSAS-WB,粉墨登场咯~”

  1. cykoay says:

    is it worth to buy -OR and then subscribe its PA? today market opened, then it drops 0.19 sens. your free WB able to offset your lose in PA? I thought you are short term trader? WIll you wait until 5 years later expiry date then take back your RM1 per PA

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi CY Koay,

      Yes, WB is easily covering back the loss in PA. ONE PR get TWO warrants, so can easily being covered.

      You may refer to my new blog post. Thanks.

  2. chua says:

    My OR cost : RM0.21 , subscribe cost , rm1.01 ,total cost rm1.21 ,today price 2 WB X Rm0.265 = rm0.53 + PA rm 0.825 , total rm1.355 . profit 11.9%

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi Chua,

      Well done and congratz! 11.9% within a month, equal to annualized return of 142%.

      Really “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to you 🙂