原本以为今天上市交易的INSAS优先股白表格(INSAS-PR)会直接以RM0.305的Limit Up 交易。没想到它竟然先以RM0.275开市,然后才跳上RM0.305的Limit Up价格。更没想到的是,才维持没多久,卖压重重,竟然被压下来了。

INSAS-PR中午闭市休息时,才 以RM0.23的价格,也是今天的最低价格收盘。待会儿下午,会持续下跌吗?



20150128 图 - INSAS-PR Tracking

当然,买入INSAS-PR的原因,不是为了搞一夜情。小陈打算把它给娶回家,好好地疼爱它,陪着它差不多一个多月吧!然后在3月3日时,它为小陈生了一对可爱的双胞胎宝宝 – INSAS-WA后,就狠狠地修了它!



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7 Responses to “INSAS优先股白表格(INSAS-PR),我心动了~”

  1. peter poh says:

    Hi CK,

    I realize 4000 Insas-pr has been credited into my trading account. What should I do with this new shares as I am not savvy with shares investment. The Insas shares were actually from my mother.

    Thank you.

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi Peter,

      The easiest way is to sell this INSAS-PR in the market directly.
      Or else, you need to contact your remisier for subscription by filling form, prepare bank draft ..etc.

  2. mickey says:

    bear in mind insas-pa will be in the range of rm0.85 to 0.90…and insas-w will be 0.15 to 0.25…don’t be over optimistic on the premiu of insas-w….finance stock’s warrant normally lower premium. mbsb-w is an example

    • 小陈 says:

      Hi Mickey,

      Yes, as expected. PA around RM0.80, WA around RM0.20.
      Depends on market force. This is a defensive play with potential peanut margin.
      In stead of using MBSB-W as example, why not using MALTON-LA and MALTON-WB? A better reflection. I treated it as a HOLDINGS company rather than finance stock.

  3. peter poh says:

    HI 小陈,


  4. peter poh says: